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Newport Classic Homes : Energy Conservation and the Environment

27 years ago in 1988, Western Rim Property Services and its affiliate Newport Classic homes was founded. Newport Classic Homes provides the finest housing and choices in the best locations at the lowest possible cost. As part of the philosophy of Marcus Hiles all apartments are designed to conserve energy. Designed with nature in mind, these buildings have additional weather stripping, reflective TechShield sheathing in the attic and dual pane low-e windows. Top of the line cellulose sound insulation and roof insulation is included which often exceeds R100 depth.

Air conditioners with programmable thermostats are installed in all properties which allows residents to use 30% less energy. Concrete streets were poured to reduce the use of oil based products such as asphalt. This also helps to reduce on site temperatures.

Western Rim Property Services and its affiliate Newport Classic homes have donated to the general public over 59 acres of parkland. 100 to 150 year old Oak trees are on the land as are artesian feed streams, parkland and lakes. All gifts were anonymous but include 44 acres in a North Texas city, 6 acres in another North Texas city and 9 acres in a third Texas city. These gifts represent well over several million dollars worth of land.

Privately western Rim has created hundreds of acres in private parklands and permanent newly zoned open spaces in suburbs of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Community residents and indigenous wildlife alike are able to enjoy these green spaces.

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