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Western Rim Properties: The beginning

There is an inspiring story behind Western Rim Properties. Like many successful businesses it has humble beginnings with hardship and challenges. Marcus D Hiles, the Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties was 28 years old when he founded his company. His Dad was an inner city minister and it was certainly no silver spoon upbringing. In Marcus’s childhood, it was a big deal to be given an ice cream or a donut.

He went on to college but worked full time to pay his way through and at one time was forced to sleep in a living room floor with no mattress or sleeping bag. At times he would be eating nothing but hot dogs and generic beans. It was a simple life but good, prepared him for more hardships when building his start up business.

Marcus Hiles, the Chairman of Western Rim and mansions custom homes had next to nothing when he started the business, reinvesting everything back into the business. It continued to grow as Marcus nurtured it, sometimes barely scraping through payroll. It survived this and then thrived. It grew to become one of the most successful property development businesses in Texas.

Marcus has some key philosophies which have enabled him to grow his business to become what it is today. Choosing the best locations with the best schools has been a hugely successful strategy. This way the homes are very desirable but often much more affordable than similar quality residences in inner city locations. He has endeavoured to create the highest standards in terms of construction, customer service and design. As a company they embrace diversity but also have a massive respect for the environment. They also understand the importance of turning a profit for the long term success of the organisation.

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