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Genius Behind rise of property services

Generous philanthropist and real estate mogul, Marcus Hiles, is the genius behind the rise of Western Rim Property Services. However, to the contrary of what some might immediately think, he came from a simple background. Born in Texas and raised by his father, an inner city minister, Marcus Hiles worked hard for every step he could take. He put himself through school until he finally earned a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California. From there he returned home to Texas and began, at the young age of 28, the biggest endeavor of his life.

Now, Western Rim Property Services might hold over 7,500 properties and homeowner associations and have over one billion dollars in assets, but that took a decade of back breaking work. In truth, Marcus Hiles struggled greatly to find a place in the market when he began creating his company in 2004. Often he had to use his personal capital to make ends meet and even more frequently could be found sleeping on a friend’s couch. However, he stuck to his vision of establishing luxury properties that were at, if not below, the market price.

Soon enough things fell into place and the company experienced rapid growth. This growth is largely contribute to how Marcus Hiles decided to structure his business model. Most companies would provide construction but then hire third parties for property management services who would control the price of rent. This created high overhead costs and thus residents would have to pay more. Instead of following the suit of other real estate companies that generally only provided one or two services, Western Rim Property Services decided to take on every role involved in real estate. He would locate the best areas, construct the homes, find potential residents, and then take care of property management. Essentially, Marcus Hiles tore out the middle man, and thus saved his company money and was able to provide lower prices to possible tenants and renters. However, Marcus Hiles did not just stop at cutting costs, but made sure that his communities were in prime urban areas and would have amenities such as spas and golf courses, while keeping the listing at or below the market price.

Today, Western Rim’s properties are among the most sought after throughout Texas. Hiles has even expanded and owns Mansions Custom Homes, which empowers families and property developers to create unique estates rather than having to choose from a carbon cut out. More than just a man of business, though, Hiles is known for his philanthropy. With each extra success and accomplishment, Hiles gives back more to the community. He has given to charitable organizations such as children’s hospitals and disadvantaged women’s groups.

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