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Living in Fort Worth Just Got Better: Thank You Marcus Hiles

Like much of Texas, Fort Worth has struggled to maintain its place among top places to live in the country. After the Great Recession, the housing market in Fort Worth took a dive, people lost jobs and many eventually moved away. As a businessman who was born and raised in central Texas, Marcus Hiles vowed to do anything he could to help lift up the people and provide a better life for them.

IMG_1027Marcus Hiles founded his real estate development company, Western Rim Properties, in 2004. Since that time, Marcus Hiles has led his company to heights that he would have never thought possible before. Even during the recession, Western Rim Properties turned a profit and kept on building communities because Marcus Hiles knew he had something special. Connect with Western Rim Property Service on Linkedin to find out more about the company’s Fort Worth communities.

A Man of His Word: Taking Fort Worth to the Next Level

Marcus Hiles’ plan consisted of two parts: Bring jobs to Fort Worth by investing in local residential communities and offer his exceptional subdivisions at affordable prices. Not only did he succeed with both parts, he continued to build more communities around the metro area because more people demanded to live in his custom built homes.

Now, properties managed by Western Rim Property Services can be seen in a variety of locations, including Prosper, Little Elm, Sasche, Frisco and more. Each community comes with its own amenities that help improve convenience for its residents; from Starbucks cafes and nail salons to fitness centers, offices and more.

Bringing the People Back to Fort Worth

Finding quality and affordable housing was such a huge issue for so many years that Marcus Hiles still works hard every day to bring people back to the state he cherishes so much. While the word has spread about the good that Marcus Hiles has done for the local community, people are still looking for more incentives to return to their home city.

To accelerate the process, Marcus Hiles has invested heavily in organizations that focus on building green spaces for the public to enjoy and protecting natural habitats that currently exist. Every year, Western Rim Properties donates over $4 million to a variety of similar charities and will continue to do so for years to come.

Thanks to Marcus Hiles, Fort Worth has become a top place to live in Texas with better housing opportunities and lower unemployment rates.

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