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November 2015

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Marcus Hiles and Texas Real Estate Scenario

Marcus Hiles is the proud owner of the real estate company Western Rim Properties and a reputed entrepreneur of the real estate world of Texas. He is the role model for all the youngsters of the state. He is a true philanthropist who has been involved in various charitable works throughout the state of Texas. He donated money for the education of the students of his state. There were many underprivileged students in the states who could not have completed their education if it was not for the donations that Marcus Hiles provided. He provided millions of dollars for the development of different infrastructures of the schools and colleges of his state. Moreover, he also contributed towards the development of the school and college programs.

The real estate tycoon also contributed millions of dollars for the protection and preservation of the environment in the state. He contributed money for the protection of public green spaces in the state. Marcus also contributed money for the benefit of the environment in and around the state. Because of his contributions to the welfare of the society as a whole, Marcus Hiles is considered to be the protector of the environment. He is the philanthropist who is involved in various social works.

The real estate company founded by Marcus Hiles is one of the biggest organizations in the state of Texas. The company has constructed more than 20, 000 properties in the state of Texas. Recently, the company has crossed beyond the borders of the state and constructed properties throughout the country. Marcus Hiles himself did not expect the popularity that he received. However, the success in his venture did not make him a proud and selfish person. On the contrary he became more and more generous in his giving to the society. He made huge contributions to the society for providing better living conditions.

All the properties that are constructed by Marcus D Hiles, CEO of Western Rim are well-planned and made with high quality materials. That is why the owners of these properties do not have to spend a lot of money for the repairs and maintenance. The properties are also located in the prime locations in the cities. That is the reason the owners of the properties do not have to spend money in commuting to schools, colleges, or hospitals. All the facilities are easily approachable from the properties. Moreover, all the properties are constructed in an energy efficient manner. So, the owners will be able to save a lot in future.

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Western Rim Properties are recommended for the discerning home seeker

Founded by a young Marcus Hiles, freshly graduated from Pepperdine University where he had completed his Masters in Business Administration, Western Rim Properties today is one of the top selling real estate property developers serving various parts of Texas, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, New Braunfels, San Antonio and Houston, Texas. These luxury properties include tasteful designs that are recommended for every discerning home seeker.

Marcus Hiles – Exemplary Model as he has realized exactly what sort of a home his customer is looking for. He does not shirk from creating the best homes that include the best of amenities so that his customers keep coming back and increasing year on year. He includes such luxuries as real hardwood floors, marble baths and jetted tubs, granite kitchen counter tops, and 80 ounce carpets among others in each of the developed townhouse, apartments and condominiums. He also makes these properties available at great locations in Texas, right next to schools and businesses.

He makes sure these homes are unique by placing them right next door to a state forest, or a golf course or lake and includes several high class amenities on campus, including hair and nail salons, spas, clubhouses with gymnasiums and gathering centers, etc. While he does all this, he makes sure he marks these properties well below market value so that they can be affordable even to the middle class American citizen. This is what makes homes by Western Rim ideal for the discerning home owner.

Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties are adding more homes and properties year on year. His success has never let him forget his humble beginnings. As the son of a minister, he worked persistently towards his dream, using his values to show him the rewards of sticking to his beliefs to meet his targets. Even though the going was tough, and there were times when the road ahead seemed too fraught with obstacles to continue treading, he stayed true to his dreams and kept going.

Properties by Marcus Hiles and Western Rim are high on luxury and quality and low on price, making them ideal for anyone who wishes to own or rent a home that they can feel pride in and want to come back to. His homes are highly recommended for anyone who is looking for their own piece of nature that is within reach of their children’s schools and their own places of work.


Marcus Hiles, the Real Estate Professional

Marcus Hiles is a hardworking and dedicated man who was able to implement his business ideas of building quality and luxurious homes for people at affordable rates. His properties are available for everyone at an affordable price and it boasts of top notch social amenities like infinity pools, golf courses, fitness centers, cafe and spas. The properties are also located strategically such that they are close to the resident’s work place, top schools and community resources.

His company Western Rim/Mansions Custom Homes in Dallas Texas is estimated to be worth billions of dollars with over 7,500 properties spanning Texas. Marcus Hiles provides original types of real estate development in prime urban area because he wants to provide the best location for the people he hopes to house. He is of the opinion that because housing is affordable should not necessarily equate to giving up on quality and luxuries. His ideology was similar to “Build it, and they will come,” – and indeed they did.

He learned the principles of hard work as a child and he has made all efforts to see his dreams come true without compromising on his standards. He attended Rice University where he got a Bachelor’s degree and also got a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California. He returned to Texas after his education to start his company. Though he had financial challenges at the beginning, his hard work and perseverance has paid off today.

At western Rim properties, Marcus Hiles is Building the Best of Texas homes for people. The property company is so popular that they keep on adding properties every year.

Marcus Hiles knows what it feels like to be raised in a poor family and as a result of this; he gives back to the people in his community regularly. He has donated generously to several charities. Much of his charity work has gone towards public education and giving college funds to students. He also gives donations to women’s causes and programs as well as children’s hospitals in Texas.

He puts his community first and he is a good role model for young people who want to start their own business as they look up to his success and kindness to help them become an ideal entrepreneur. Marcus Hiles is an ingenious leader who with determination worked hard to become the success that he is today.

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Marcus Hiles: The Innovative Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Marcus Hiles was not a self-mademan; he had to put all he had to start his business from scratch. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Rice University and a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, he started work on his business model at the age of 28. He has managed to become one of the biggest businessmen in Texas.

If you are looking for someone who will give you quality and luxurious houses at an affordable price, the man is Marcus Hiles – entrepreneur and philanthropist. Marcus Hiles is an exceptional businessman and he is the perfect example of a man with the entrepreneurial spirit that is hard to find in upstarts of today.

Western Rim Properties launched a website in 2008 when it became so popular among its homeowners and renters. The website was created just to keep up with demand and it was used to inform their consumers about forthcoming projects and properties. Marcus Hiles’s aimed at providing affordable accommodations for families without quality and luxury. He wanted to provide a complete package for hardworking Texans by building properties of apartments, condominiums and townhouses in urban areas, where they can be close to their place of work, schools and also have community support. Asides for building this kind of homes for Texans, the properties also come at an affordable rate. This is one of the ways Marcus Hiles gives back to the society as he did not forget where he came from. He also does this because he understands the benefits of affordable housing to families. He builds properties with infinity pools, woodlands, golf courses and spas for residents. No other real estate company has been able to attain the level of convenience and luxury that Marcus Hiles provides through his company Western Rim Properties.

On Marcus Hiles Official Facebook Page, you can connect with him and get the information you are looking for regarding the properties built by Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hilesis a well-known philanthropist who has contributed to several causes which include public and private schools, women’s program and hospitals. He provides support to schools by donating computers for their uses. He also funds the first round of budget cuts in schools like music and the arts. He has also given a lot of money amounting to $600,000 to women’s shelter and programs over the past 20 years.

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Marcus Hiles – Builder of Quality Homes

Marcus Hiles is a hugely successful business man who did not have his wealth handed over to him on a platter of gold. His father was an inner city minister who was able to provide a stable and simple home for him. While studying in college, he worked full time. There was a time; he slept on the floor of his friend’s living room for one year. There were also times he didn’t have a mattress or a sleeping bag with which to sleep.

The mission of Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services when he started his work as a property developer was to provide quality and luxurious houses to people at the lowest possible rate. He has been able to deliver on this as his properties are one of the best in Texas. The properties are opulent and they boast of woodland views, infinity pools, clubhouses, gyms, golf courses, spas and provision of services in-house. This is something a lot of property Management Company cannot lay claim to.

Even though Marcus Hiles had financial problems and other troubles when he started his company newly, he never gave up on his dreams. His hard work and perseverance has made him the owner of the most popular property development company in Texas. His office is always a beehive of activities and it is always filled up with people looking for luxury homes at lower prices than what obtains in the market.

Marcus D Hiles, Ceo of Western Rim says the company has a simple philosophy. It believes in building the highest quality homes in the best location and at the same time maximizing views with the construction of superior amenities in superior school districts.

The average and hard-working families have been able to afford the luxuries they think is not within their reach because Marcus Hiles makes the buying of luxury homes accessible to the average family. He believes that it is not only the affluent that should be able to come up with the money to have a comfortable life. He builds quality homes with all the amenities that you can ever think of in safe neighborhoods and at an affordable price.

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Luxurious Living At Reasonable Price In Houston

It has been several years that Marcus Hiles has been building luxurious and cheap communities in all across Texas. His company Western Rim Property has contrasted properties in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin. The company which is working for more than a decade has made the life of the working individuals extremely smooth and favorable. The citizens of the country now enjoy a high quality lifestyle because of the effort of Marcus Hiles and his company. His sole aim has been to enhance the life of the people living in Texas.

Marcus Hiles- Real Estate Guru, the CEO of Western Rim Property is of the view that the people of Texas who work hard all day deserve more than they actually receive from the money that they spend. The economy of the real-estate market was degenerating as there were not sufficient properties to meet the demands of the prospective buyers. This is when Marcus Hiles entered the market. His had two primary goals, one was to provide luxurious homes to the people below the market price and another was to raise the economic standard of the real estate market. His first creation was based in the northern part of Houston. The creation at Pine Lake called The Villa is a unique community that has been built by this company.

The communities that were built by this company have a high standard of living that the common people look for when they dream of purchasing a house of their choice. The amenities that are provided within these communities make the customers extremely happy. The amenities that were provided within these communities were exceptional and consistent in all the creations. Marcus Hiles made sure that the communities were in the affinity of downtown Houston. The owner did not have to take the trouble of travelling long distances to reach their work place.

Western rim property specializes in building custom homes. The customers suggest their design to the company and they would build the house according to their choice. The Estates Woodland and Grand Estates Woodland are the two premiere residences that provide high quality amenities to its residences. Each of these communities has exceptional furnishings, stainless steel kitchen appliances and wooden flooring. Marcus Hiles – A Man of Distinction made sure that the properties are constructed with the best quality material. This is the reason that Marcus Hiles’ company was able to make a mark in the then competitive real-estate market.