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May 2016

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Marcus Hiles – Mansions at Stone Hill

Western Rim Property have a reputation for developing some of the most elegant, high-quality and desirable home to live in in Texas. Their locations are usually situated within driving distance of large urban areas, but in places with stunning natural beauty so you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Texan countryside.

So, it is unsurprising that Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Property Services, is extremely proud of his latest project, Mansions at Stone Hill. The housing complex perfectly embodies everything the company represents and is able to offer to its residents.One of the key drawing factors to these properties is the exclusive members-only environment. Living in a secure location, with other like-minded people, allows you a real sense of exclusivity, while encouraging a community spirit amongst its residents is something Western Rim takes very seriously. To this end, all sites are developed with social facilities and areas for the residents to fraternize and enjoy. The sites have their own health centers, cafes, social clubs, shops and a wide-range of activities for children, therefore encouraging a diverse group of people to take up residence.

The stunning collaboration between the architects and the designers ensure that the apartments and community amenities are of the highest design specification, and ensure that you are living in some of the most elegant and chic homes available in the US today. The entrance ways have marble flooring, the kitchens have granite work tops, and all apartments are kitted out with stainless steel Whirlpool appliances.

Some of the biggest names in business, from Dell to Samsung have their headquarters located nearby, providing the spur for other businesses to locate to the area. This has ensured economic prosperity in the area, with the job-market high and the opportunities plentiful. Western Rim Property always ensures that its sites are located close by the areas in which excellent academic centers for all ages abound. For further information about these exciting developments, why not visit Marcus Hiles’ Official Account on AngelList?

marcus hiles

Marcus Hiles – The importance of maintaining a good relationship with the environment

Under the guidance and leadership of Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles, partners in business and in life, their company Western Rim Property Services have overseen the development of over 25,000 apartments and homes. Based in Texas, what has been so important to the success of the company is building and holding onto an admirable vision and integrity which can be seen in all of their projects. Their goal is to provide a level of luxury and high class residential living to people with a taste for modern and exquisite design- for people who want to live in the beauty of nature without sacrificing the convenience of modern urban living. Furthermore and very importantly, they have also shown a desire to keeping their projects environmentally friendly, without sacrificing the high design features and details that make the properties so sought-after desirable.

The Conroe Texas Real Estate by Nancy and Marcus Hiles, is another project which has demonstrated how important maintaining environmental goals are for the philanthropic couple. When deciding the best locations for the building the apartments, they must choose the most beautiful rural areas without wishing to spoil the natural environment. Architects are encouraged to study the landscapes to make sure the developments integrate as naturally as possible, whilst maintaining and cultivating areas such as woodlands and parklands. Not only is this important to attract residents to the property but also it helps keep the environment attractive to the wider community and residents of Texas- to whom a large consideration is placed when beginning the developments.

They hope that the environmental specification of the buildings can attract people with a dedication to reducing their ecology footprint as much as they have. The apartments all include weather stripping, reflective radiant barrier roof decking in the attic, dual pane low e-windows, and top of the range sound insulation. All the units are serviced by HVAC systems, which uses 39% less energy than the standard. CFL and LED light bulbs are used to further reduce energy usage, and all the landscape systems are designed using water conserving irrigation systems.

It is obvious from their project designs that the couple have a commitment to helping the environment and limiting the impact their developments have on it. They have showed an unswerving commitment to carry these wishes out on each project, and have proved a breath of fresh air in the ever competitive housing property markets. To find out more about the couple and the company check out Marcus Hiles Official Account on Angel List.

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Marcus Hiles – Mansions on the park and a breath of fresh air

Mansions on the park is the latest embodiment of the vision of exiting Texan property developers Western Rim Property Services. The experience of CEO Marcus Hiles has led to the oversight of the development of 25,000 apartments, bringing exciting luxury living and economic prosperity the state of Texas. These house combine elements of beautiful natural surroundings with the close proximity to the urban buzz of nearby metropolises. Here we’ll take a look at what is making these properties the most talked about and sought after in the state.

Marcus Hiles- CEO at Western Rim Property Services, expends a lot of effort when choosing the locations of his developments. Keeping a blend of natural rural space, for scenic views and the pursuit of outdoor activities must be coupled with being close to cities that provide the excitement and conveniences that many people want to be close too. The area is close to plethora of excellent PGA rated golf courses, famous hiking trails and other outdoor activity hotspots. Not far away is the city of Houston, with its electric atmosphere and Internationally flying airport keeping you within reach of your favorite holiday destinations.

What makes Western Rim Property housing complexes so sought after by residents, is their commitment to developing a social, safe and integrated community amongst those who live there. The community is tailored to reflect a resort-style experience, without sacrificing the privacy and comfort of having your own home. The Mansions on the Park includes a 150ft private swimming pool, coupled with a 24-hour fitness center with its own in-house personal trainer. The resorts also feature a business center for those who wish not to travel to far to work, a Starbucks cafe, and a social community room with HDTV for the community to host events and watch sport together. The children’s activity center and playground also offer families a great chance to get together, relax and meet with each other.

The facilities on offer here demonstrate the importance of having a communal and integrated society within the resort like confines of the housing complex. It offers all the security and safety of a resort, with the social elements of a small village and design quality of a luxury modern New York City apartment. You can find out more about the company and their vision at Marcus D Hiles- founder of Texas based Western Rim Property Services.

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Marcus Hiles – Modern Urban Design in the grandeur of the beautiful country

The Grand Estates housing projects run by exciting entrepreneur Marcus Hiles have made waves in the housing development community over recent years. With over 25,000 apartments to his name, they have sought to provide luxury and comfortable living to thousands of American’s seeking the convenience of urban life with the beautiful surroundings of America’s countryside. What is most striking about these buildings is not only the beautiful and pristine gated communities in which they operate, but how much emphasis has been placed on creating the most attractive interior design. As many point out, it is like living in a state-of the art modern apartment of down town Manhattan, but with a view of one of Texas’s great lakes. For many it is the perfect combination.

All the apartments house elegant granite kitchen and bathroom counter-tops, complemented with beautiful luxury wooden flooring. The kitchens are fitted with the latest innovative stainless steel Whirlpool appliances, under cabinet lighting and sleek chrome features- with real porcelain tiles on the back of the counter-tops. The attention to detail is remarkable and awe-inspiring. The ceilings in the apartments tend to be between 9-10ft high, offering a spacious yet cozy living environment. The colors used help create a warm, relaxed and soft atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a long day work.

At the higher end of the apartment market, many come with an outdoor marble jacuzzi tub, perfect for those Spring and Fall evenings with a glass of champagne and a view of the stars unrecognizable to city folk. The Grand Estates project recognize the importance of living in an attractive and modern furnished home, and how it can greatly improve your personal well-being and happiness- hence their thorough focus on creating such elegant residences.

What is also hugely important says the man behind the design Marcus Hiles, is that sense of community environments like this offer the residence. Spending time with the other residences and enjoying the atmosphere created is integral, he states, to ensure a thriving community of happy aspirational individuals. Getting the design correct is the foundation for which to build the welfare of the residences of theses exciting new complexes.